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30 Day writing challenge… Day #17 “what’s my favorite childhood book?”

Hey guy’s!

Did anyone else know the snow was coming and still wake up in shock? I did the typical look out the window with my jaw open wondering when this shit will end?!! LOL…. One new important fact about me is I HATE THE SNOW!! Especially the crunchy kind! It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard for me, I swear it’s the worst! So today was a good day to be inside for someone with my condition! LOL

Today’s topic in the writing challenge is to share with you my favorite childhood book. When I was a kid I wasn’t big on reading. I was always that kid that would hate to be asked to read aloud so needless to say, reading to me sucked. I didn’t start really getting into reading until I discovered the Choose your own Adventure books. Not sure how I discovered them, probably pretending to loan out a book from the school library so people thought I cared LOL. Either way once I read one of them I was hooked! Do you guys know what I’m talking about? The chapter books that you got to choose which way you wanted to read them, could be upside down or right-side up.. ring any bells?

insert picture here….lol

I could get lost in these books forever! I honestly feel like my love of reading began with these. How clever are they? Like really, they keep kids involved in the reading so it makes it fun and not forced. Totally loved these and I wish they would bring them back. It might be that one missing piece for a kid to get interested in reading like I did. Especially in this day and age when kids don’t even know the joy of holding an actual book in your hand compared to all the devices they all have now to read on. Not the same! You all know what I’m talking about…. the smell of a library book and the joy of the dewy decimal system! Ha… I wonder how many books have my name on the slip in the cover, or am I that old that those would have been destroyed?? oh no…. there I go… down the rabbit hole LOL……

How about you guy’s? Were these your favorites too? Or did you have another favorite? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to know your inspiration.


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