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30 Day Writing Challenge… Day #16 “what’s my dream job?”

Hey all! I hope everyone is doing okay!

This pandemic will either make you or break you so if anyone is questioning their mental health today I just wanted to start by saying “hey! I’m with you! I’m questioning my mental health too. I am hoping that writing today will help calm my brain down so join me for a good read and maybe you can calm yours too !”

Words to live by!!

Today’s topic is “What is my dream job?”

Well, to those who know me or are following my journey these days know that I recently have made some big changes in my life and it all happened because I asked myself this very question. “What would my dream job be if I could do something I enjoyed doing and actually make some money?” The answer wasn’t as simple as I thought but the question made me open my mind to so many possible idea’s.

My dream job has become owning my own business and becoming the creative artist I have always truly been. Because of this life journey I have been on It has opened my mind to so many creative outlets. I now am the owner of my very own at home business. I get to show my creativity through the different pieces I create. I find old, outdated furniture and give it a new outlook on life. I paint. I design. I create home décor. I have so many idea’s that its hard to cram it all in to one single category. I get to be who I really want to be and at the same time get to be home with my family. I get to take care of them, be at home for family meals, and now I get to be the mom and wife I always wanted to be. Plus I get the benefit of making money while making my own hours and beautiful art with my own rules from the comfort of my own home! It’s literally the best of both worlds. And what’s even better is taking this journey with my best friend. We have so much more to come and trust me when I say this is just the beginning. We are full of surprises, just like life these days.

My dream job turned out being exactly what I am doing today. How many people get to say that? I certainly will never take that for granted. If I have leaned anything recently its “do exactly what YOU want to do when YOU want to do it! You only have one life! Make it count!”

What’s your dream job? Is it the job you have right now?……..food for thought : )


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