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30 Day Writing Challenge…Day #15, “timeline of my day”……

Hi everyone!! So……I did not give up on my writing challenge! Although I do know it certainly seems that way. What can I say other than, Life happens! I’m working on building a business and with that comes less time to work on my writing. I know this challenge was supposed to be 30 days together but no where in the rules does it say that LOL. So I’m just making up my own rules, my 30 days have taken me around 100! LOL. Still not giving up! I will finish this challenge there should be no doubt about that!

And with that, here we go…….

Today’s topic is to tell you a time line of my day. Recently I have been very hard at work figuring out a plan for our new life. Steve (aka..the husband) and I completely changed our lives around so of course we needed a new routine. After careful planning, mostly on my part lol, we finally have a good daily schedule/routine that so far, fingers crossed, has been great!

Steve works usually between the hours of 6-8 in the morning so we both get up early. The girls usually get up the same time to start their online classes. I own my own business so I have the ability to set my own hours. I don’t start my day until everyone else is up and doing what they have to. During that time I clean the house and get dinner ready for the night. My happy planner tells me what I already have planned for the day after that. Usually that includes working on furniture projects, painting, working on my website and my blog and every other day I usually throw in a trip to the thrift store or go on a hunt for mis-tints at the hardware stores LOL

We have made it a point to have family dinners together every night. All of us have our own things going on but if we don’t take the time to at least have a meal together than we may as well be strangers. And I refuse to clean up after strangers!! LOL

I now devote my night time to working on my blog or reading. As you can tell reading has been high priority as I enjoyed ending my evening at the trailer so much that way! It calms my mind down so I can actually sleep at night! Then its bedtime usually around 10 or 11 pm. Steve and Lucy always go to bed before me so my latest challenge is trying to get into bed with them, but we are “working on it” LOL as Steve puts it….

So there it is, a day in the life of Jenn Roy….. I hope everyone is learning a lot about me! Even though you probably don’t remember the last thing I wrote about as it takes me so long to post a blog these days! All the more reason to go back and re read some old posts!!


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