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30 Day Writing Challenge…. Day #14

Today’s topic….“What’s in my handbag?

Well this is an awkward question……. I don’t carry a handbag! LOL

Since this is all about you getting to know me than you should know that I am not the type of girl who carries a hand bag. The only way I would do that is if it was a handbag that would carry my puppy, Lucy! See below….

Lucy Bear

I have nothing against the women that do carry a handbag. I am actually slightly jealous because even though It may not be for me I often find myself saying “why don’t I carry a bag for all this crap??” LOL. I always have my smokes in hand, my cell phone, my ID in my pocket or cash/bankcard and Steve usually gets to hold the truck key (which he loves doing….LOL) I find if I do have a handbag it ends up just being filled with garbage. I don’t want to be a walking thrash can. My kids are grown now so there is no need to find mysterious sticky items in any bag I carry. But for some reason whenever I do carry a bag it’s a guessing game everytime!

I have friends (you know who you are…lol) that are obsessed with handbags. Not just any bags, but the one’s that are super expensive. They can justify spending over 2-3 hundred dollars on one bag whereas I throw up in my mouth every time they talk about them! I could NEVER justify paying that much for something I would just fill with garbage.

Don’t get me wrong, I get the obsession! I love make up. I spend way to much money on that so I get the addiction. But for the sake of this challenge and for you to get to know me that much better, you may see me with perfect make up but you would never catch me with a Michael Kors handbag!

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