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30 Day Writing Challenge… Day #12

I just want to start off my saying I apologize I have been absent for a month. I am busy working on some projects and life moves that I am about to make and reveal. I have not been sidetracked with my new found love for writing, more I took a break to get my shit together….😂 I am resuming where I left off in my 30 day writing challenge at day #12. I want to finish this challenge so that you can all get to know me better that way when I do the big reveal you will all be as excited as I am!! So here we go……

Today’s topic is ” What would you do if you won the lottery?”.…….

This is one of those question’s that sends my head into tailspins of all the possibilities of what I could do with a lot of money. It is true. Money would change a lot of things for me. I wouldn’t have to worry anymore about my retirement that’s for sure!! But isn’t this a question that’s asked way to often? I could sit here and tell you all the ways money would make life better but really at the end of the day I would fear money would change the person I am. I have never been one to take the easy road. But if you had to twist my arm to say one thing I would do, well, here it is…… I would buy an island and build a bunch of houses for myself and family and friends. I would also built a moat around my house and fill it with sharks that way if I’m not in the mood to see anyone I can ensure no one will come bother me. They would be eaten by my pet sharks! So even just from that one thing I would do you can all get a better picture as to why Steve (my husband) is the responsible bill payer. Thank god for him and his common sense! LOL……

Normal people would probably answer this question with giving money to some great charity, which is probably what I should have said, but honestly if this is about you getting to know me than I am as blunt as they come. I usually think about myself more than others: Believe me I am working on this okay!!!!

What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you be stupid like me or smart like Steve?

6 thoughts on “30 Day Writing Challenge… Day #12”

  1. Lol so I’d probably resign and buy a ticket to Brazil… buy a house in the beach and then drink caipirinhas every day as I wrote new blog posts about how to invest in yourself😅


  2. I certainly wouldn’t donate to a charity — they waste too much money and the money we give gets watered down by the time it gets to those who need it. I’d set up my own charity and offer scholarships for children to support them through their education.

    Of course, a holiday somewhere sunny first.

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