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30 Day Writing Challenge…Day #11

Today’s topic is “What is your proudest moment?”…………….

I have a lot of proud moments as a parent. So many it was really hard to think of what my proudest moment actually was. There’s one that so far stands out the most while I write this. Although both my children have made me so proud in their own unique ways, my oldest daughter Hope has this moment for this post. She is 18 years old and this school year was the year that she had to decide what she wanted to do after high school. Her and I already have a really strong bond but this time she really came to me for advice and help on how to decide her future. The more conversations we had about it the more I could see the maturity level she was at. She is so smart! She wants to be a nurse. Of course she has such a healing personality it totally fits, but watching her get to that conclusion was such a proud moment. I learned she doesn’t need me as much as she thinks she does. She is ready. No matter how scared I am as a parent she reassured me that “I” have nothing to worry about.

I was worried when we started going through this process that I was slowly going to lose her. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to cut the cord finally and let their child live their own life. But my proud moment is the fact that I don’t have to worry. She is moving into her own place, she’s going to have her own life. She’s is starting the next chapter in her life and I am so excited for her I couldn’t be more proud than I am right now. She is more than ready. She grew up to be an awesome human being and any person that has the privilege of knowing her is just as proud as me.

I also now have the privilege of going through this whole process again in a few years with Julia! Wish me luck everyone 😂 I hope later on in my life my proud moment will be my kids taking care of me and putting me up in a boujee retirement home with seniors dances and fun stuff like that. That would make me super proud too, hint hint girls 😂😂😜

What’s your proudest moment? Share with me in the comments below.

Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s post. I hope everyone is living their best life today!! I know I am❤

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