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30 Day Writing Challenge…Day #9

Today’s topic is “Do you have any tattoos or piercings?”

This is so true!

I am so excited for today’s topic! Those of you who know me already know I do have tattoo’s. Those that don’t well lets just say my tattoo obsession didn’t start until I was in my 30’s. I wrote a blog post about this very topic a few years ago. Ill attach the link here. It’s a good read so please check it out!


Once you have read that you will understand my story of why I waited to get tattoo’s but I am so glad I did. You really never know what kind of stupid things you can do when your younger and because I was no exception I’m really glad I don’t have regret tattoo’s. Piercings really are not my thing. I have the basics. Both ears are pierced and my left ear has another piercing in the cartilage but I don’t usually wear an earing in that. Lately I have really been thinking about a nose piercing. Actually who am I kidding, It’s going to happen soon but I think the face is where I personally would stop with piercings. Nothing against them or anything just my personal preference. Tattoo’s however I have no limit. I already have 5 tattoo’s and currently I am looking into new idea’s to finish off my arm sleeve.

I believe that tattoo’s are your own personal art. I mean you have an idea of what you want and the artist puts it on your body. To me its like memories of time periods in your life. I can always look at them and they bring memories or feelings back of a certain time in my life. Its really become rare in my generation to NOT see someone with a tattoo.

These are all the tattoo’s that I have now. One thing I can tell you that has changed about my view on tattoo’s is as much as I like the colorful ones I really want to try and keep it more simple. Classic black and grey is what my next choices will be.

What do you guys think about these? If I’m being honest I want them all, but we all know how much money that would be so one at a time it is! 😂 Let me know which ones you like most in the comments.

What are your thoughts on tattoo’s and piercings? Do you have any? Share your stories with me. I would love to hear what you all think.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post. Its a good one!

4 thoughts on “30 Day Writing Challenge…Day #9”

  1. I have nothing against tattoos as long as they aren’t those ones that cover your whole arm are like a sleeve or your whole back .
    I have a small one on my ankle .
    As for piercings, earrings are fine but I hate the ones in your nose as it reminds me of a bull or ones on the eyebrows .
    These are just my preferences.

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