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30 Day Writing Challenge…Day #8

Today’s topic is “Post an old photo of yourself and explain

Instead of picking just one I picked a couple pictures to show a progression. I don’t have very many picks available to me right now from when I was alot younger as I am out at our trailer but I did find a couple so here we go.

I am the little one in the middle. On the right is my cousin Chantal and on the left is my uncle Don.

The best way to describe my hairstyle back in those days was my dad decided that putting a bowl on my head and using it as a guide to cut my hair to look like mushroom guy from mario kart was a cool thing to do back then? I am not sure if the smile on my face is fake or not 😂 Looking at this picture does make me miss my Uncle Don who passed away a few years back and also my cousin. I have so many fond memories of growing up together. This particular challenge is really making me want to reconnect with everyone.

Me and my best friend Vanessa right after we came back from a glamour shots photo shoot. I was around 16 years old.

So as you can tell we were all glamed up in this picture. It was taken in Vanessa’s backyard right after we came back from a real life glamour shots photo shoot which we won in a free draw at the mall. Back in those days it was like winning the lottery! I am so glad we did this. Just looking at this photo makes me laugh. We had such a great time that day being super silly. We are still best friends to this day. Its been 28 years!

Pretty smile!

This picture was taken in my friend Debbie’s backyard. I was around 25. I had just lost a bunch of weight and we had gone out to buy some new clothes for me. My friend Debbie is an amazing photographer. Who knew back then she would become so talented. I am sharing a link with you to her Facebook page because honestly her photos are so beautiful my words wont do them justice. Please check her out! Thanks again Debbie for making me look so beautiful. I was so happy that day!https://www.facebook.com/dmphotography1006

My favorite part of this photo is my eyes😎

This is another one of the pics Debbie took of me probably around the same time. I was so happy back then because I had lost so much weight that people were noticing me more. This was back in those days when we would go out to the bars. I’m too old for that now but its always fun to look back at what we used to look like 😂

Red lips and matching outfit day at work!

Now we are back to present day. Here is a picture of me at work. It was thanksgiving and I was getting ready to go to my best friend Ashli’s for a jigs dinner when as soon as I got there I poured my glass of wine and almost immediately I slipped and fell on the deck and all my wine was all over me😂😮 I know, I know, Everyone wishes they were there to see that one right? Lets just say I’m glad I took a nice picture before it was all destroyed😂

That was definitely a trip down memory lane, I hope you all enjoyed it. Thank you so much to everyone for your encouragement. Not only is this blog changing my life but this 30 day writing challenge is really helping me on this wellness journey. I love you all. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! ❤❤


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