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30 Day Writing Challenge..Day #7

Today’s topic is “What are my 10 favorite foods?”

Well here we go with this list thing again 😂 This one is so easy. I have a relationship with food. There’s nothing better than going to flavor town. Flavor explosions are what makes tasting food so great. There is no need to be that person that says ” oh ill just have a salad”. Don’t get me wrong, salad is great! But seriously, I mean seriously, there is so much amazing food how can one just live off salad? Not me…. If it doesn’t make me feel great, I don’t want it😂 This list is in no particular order, just a list of some of my favorite foods in this moment.

  1. Roast beef sandwich’s from TIM HORTONS!– I know that sounds weird right? Well this summer they launched delicious roast beef sandwich’s with onions and sauce. They are my favorite thing to order right now!!
  2. Olives– it doesn’t matter what kind of olives. Green, black, stuffed. I love them all! There is always a jar of olives in our fridge at home or at the trailer. A family must have!
  3. Bacon Wrapped Pickles– there is nothing better than a bacon wrapped pickle. If you have never had one you MUST make them. It’s a flavor town top 10!
  4. Tacos!- I don’t have to say much more on that one. Click the link to the blog post where I discuss my love for tacos 😂https://savoringsimplicity.today/2020/07/21/30-day-writing-challenge-day-2/
  5. Sweets– Same thing. I just wrote a blog post, which ill attach here, all about my obsession with sweets. https://savoringsimplicity.today/2020/07/24/30-day-writing-challenge-day-5/
  6. Chicken– If I had to choose from what kind of chicken that would be a hard one. I love chicken in any way shape or form. Accept on the bone. Not a huge fan of that. Thankfully I have a loving fiance that will cut it all off the bone for me before serving it to me. He’s a keeper folks!
  7. Salad– as I said at the beginning there is nothing wrong with a great salad. Especially on a hot day. And of course you can dress up a salad in so many amazing ways it can never get old. Good hint for you guys, strawberries with goat cheese are everything!! Another flavor town favorite😂
  8. Smoothies– My favorite thing these days is having a smoothie for breakfast. Gives me all kinds of energy for the day and who doesn’t love a blended banana and strawberry?
  9. Poutine– It’s simple. I am CANADIAN. It would be against everything for me not to add this to my list. Hot gravy, melted cheese curds, do I really have to go on?
  10. Corn Chips– Everyone loves chips but if I am really craving a salty snack there’s nothing better than a good flavor town crunch of fritos. Am I right?

There are so many more amazing food choice’s I have but this list is a short version of what I’ve been drawn to lately. I hope you all enjoyed and learned some more facts about me.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s topic. Live your best life everyone!


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