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30 day writing challenge… day #5

Today’s topic is “What is my guilty pleasure?”

This one is an easy one! There is only one guilty pleasure that anyone who knows me knows I cannot resist!



I consider sweets a pretty big category. For me it means chocolate bars, cookies, pastries, cakes, cupcakes, loaf cakes, candy, pies, brownies, basically anything that is sweet. Except marshmallows! I hate them.🤢

Whether I am feeling down, having period cramps, or having kid issues its all the same. Being able to have a sweet snack always makes me feel better! It’s my go to in any situation. Some will say it’s not good for me but when your in that kind of mood or mental state that requires something a little extra, can it really be a bad thing to taste the sweet nectar of the cake gods?😂

I am the type of parent that will lock themselves into whatever room locks just to be able to enjoy a tasty treat without anyone asking for a bite or needing my attention 😂 As parents we share everything! I mean everything with our kids. Is it too much to ask that when we want a donut we don’t have to share????

Here’s a true story that will make you laugh. My very best friend in the whole world knows me so much that she ordered these special chocolates from Switzerland for like $80 dollars and had them delivered to my house!! That was the best day of my life. I looked at my family and warned them if they even looked at the chocolates they would have to suffer my wrath. These chocolates were so good, I mean soooooo good. Once I was eating them or course the kids ignored all warnings and asked me for some anyway. Wanna know what I did? I pushed them out of the way and ate the whole box of chocolates in my room with the door closed. They learned a lesson that day, don’t mess with me🤬

See, It was real!! Best friend ever!!

Everyone has that one thing that they can’t resist. To me as long as you don’t over indulge you can always count on sweets to brighten the darkest of days. What’s your guilty pleasure? I bet that at least 80% of you will say sweets too!!!


2 thoughts on “30 day writing challenge… day #5”

  1. My guilty pleasures are potato chips and French fries .
    I especially love the fries at La Belle Provence or Labelle Provence in Montreal . Yum yum !

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