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30 day writing challenge… day #2

Challenge yourself to a change……

Today’s writing challenge is 20 facts about me. This is not going to be a hard one for me. I am brutally honest with myself, too much sometimes, so this challenge will be easy. If it was 20 things I am grateful for, or happy about, then that’s a different story😂😂


Let’s start a list shall we;

  1. I am an Aquarius. I know nothing about astrological anything, that’s not my thing, but if we are talking facts here. I am an Aquarius, whatever that means😂
  2. I like Makeup. At least that’s what the fancy you tubers tell me! Some how whenever one of them launch a new palette I have to have it. If I actually had the courage to show you the pictures of my attempts to follow their tutorials you would probably die of laughter and then you wouldn’t be able to finish reading this blog 😂
  3. I love going to thrift stores. I can get lost in a thrift store, and like Steve would say, I spend too much money there too. I cant help it, I like shiny things!
  4. I love History!! I will watch any documentary or read any book about the Tudors. Steve wont watch them with me but for some reason I cant get enough! Its almost as if I lived another life in that era. Its so familiar to me.
  5. I suffer from adult acne🤢. It makes me hate looking into the mirror sometimes. My hormones are all over the place I guess 😂 This year is the year I do something about it. I have come up with a daily face routine, kind of like those fancy you tubers I mentioned LOL. I will someday hopefully share my routine with you in a future post.
  6. Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday. I go absolutely crazy! Ask anyone who knows me, if you don’t have your happy Christmas face on during the holiday’s I will make your life a living hell…..😂
  7. I love sloths! They are my absolute favorite animal. I can’t watch a video about a sloth and not ball my eyes out like a little baby. My ultimate dream in life would be to meet and hold a sloth. I would probably pass out.
  8. I hate COTTON🤢. It is literally my worst nightmare!! I hate the feeling of it touching my skin. Its like finger nails on a chalk board. I can feel it on the inside of my body. Like my body just says ” no thank you..” My worst fear is one of my asshole friends (you know who you are😂) will fill my bed in the middle of the night with cotton balls and ill die as I wake up and discover it! LOL
  9. I smoke weed🤫. I have very high anxiety and lately its the only thing that seems to calm me down. I usually don’t tell people because there has been such a stigma about weed my whole life it really feels funny saying out loud now. Like its OK… Its legal. No one cares anymore 😂
  10. I love to read! It always amazes me when you tell someone you’re reading a book and they look at you like you’re sick. Like who reads books anymore, right? I guess I’m old school but there is something about the smell of a book or a library that brings me back to my childhood. I like to read, like not from a screen LOL
  11. I like to fish. Ya I’m that girl. I’m the girl who catches fish with her man! Back off ladies….😎
  12. I love COFFEE! Actually I don’t even know if love is the right word. Coffee is like air to me. I need it to survive! If I couldn’t have a coffee every morning of my life I would die. That’s how it ends 😂
  13. I have OCD. What can I say, I like things to be a certain way sometimes. Most of my family would say its the most annoying thing about me but I’m am going to go with, just do what I say and no one will get hurt😂
  14. I watch pimple popping video’s at night if I can’t sleep. That’s a gross one, I know. But what can I say, I enjoy a good pop everyone and a while🤢
  15. I play Facebook games😮 I’m ashamed of that one, let’s move on……….
  16. I have blue eyes… People compliment me on my eye’s all the time. It’s one of my favorite features about myself. Gives me tons of confidence to hear people tell me my eyes are so pretty❤
  17. I smoke cigarettes. Its a very, very bad habit and believe me, If I could quit right now in my life I would. I have to take baby steps so Ill keep you updated on when I start that part of my journey.
  18. This one is a hard one. I have really bad teeth…..🤫 I hate talking about it. I didn’t really go to the dentist when I was younger and my teeth have just gotten progressively worse over the years. Its the one thing I hate about myself the most, but nonetheless, its a fact. I am getting them fixed but It will take time so in the meantime, to answer your questions, No I am not a meth addict 🤣 Just kidding, no one says that. I hope LOL
  19. I don’t sleep😴. I know that’s not uncommon but its a fact. I find it so hard to fall asleep these days. I am up until 4 am and then up again at 9 or 10. I have tried all kinds of solutions. Some work great, some don’t. I just haven’t found what works for me yet. Any suggestions?
  20. Last but not least, I love TACOS!! Taco Tuesday is a huge thing in our family. The only reason its huge is because I make it that way but who cares. I am the reason they all breath so it really should be taco Tuesday everyday!

And there you have it. I actually did it!. That was much harder than I expected! I hope you learn something about me because of this list LOL. I learned how weird it sounds to describe fact’s about myself…. 😒

See you for day # 3. Happy writing!


3 thoughts on “30 day writing challenge… day #2”

  1. Jenn , me being Your future mother in law have learned a few things about you that I didn’t know .
    I love your eyes too .
    You know how to put on your makeup beautifully.
    Smoking , most of us have , you will quit when you are ready and you will know .
    I know how you feel about the acne . I used to think it would never stop but realized certain foods gave me more , like candy and chocolate .
    Weed, not my thing but Tim smokes it if he’s not driving for a few months like now .
    Keep on this track , I think you’re very brave to write this all out to us and most like helps you too
    Love you girl😘


  2. Love this post!!! We have a few things in common. Want to know a secret? I smoke weed too lol shhh 🤫 Also I absolutely loveeee tacos! We have started the taco Tuesday tradition for our almost 10 month old boy ❤️ I cannot wait to see what your Christmas looks like!


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