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Finding the JOY in life again❤

This past weekend I heard a story that I physically felt touch my soul. Has that ever happened to you? It happens to me sometimes and when it does I recognize right away that feeling of Joy. The moments probably happen more than not but my life has become so crazy lately it seems I’ve been missing the Joy. I was so elated with this story that I stopped in mid conversation and said ” I have to write about this!”.

A couple of our friends were looking on Facebook Market Place and noticed an add that caught their eye right away. It was an add from a woman who cares for her mentally handicapped brother in law. She was in desperate need of a pair of Velcro sneakers for her brother in law and money was tight for them. She said in the add she could pay up to $30 dollars. Now our friends looked at that add and said to themselves we really want to help this person. They did not have the shoes but what they decided to do was to go to their local Walmart and purchase the new pair of the shoes she needed. The cost was around $50 dollars. They asked the woman if they could drop off the shoes and she agreed. They went to her door and showed her the shoes and the woman was elated! She was positive her brother in law would love them. She then asked our friends how much they wanted for the shoes and when they told her they were free she burst into tears. She couldn’t believe there were still people in the world that treated others with such kindness. Now this is the part that hit me in my feels because this woman hadn’t seen such kindness in so long. That should never be the case. We should always believe in mankind even when we are given reasons time and time again not to.

I was so impressed and so inspired by that story that I have been thinking so much about how I want myself and my family to spread the Joy and kindness around. There are so many ways to make ourselves better and I really truly believe that doing things like our friends did for that family will be a great way to show others we care. We are all amazing in our own ways, regardless of our ups or downs. Now I understand not everyone can afford to spend money like that but what it really comes down to is in the end its not how you put a smile on someone’s face its the fact you just put a smile there at all….

Thank you to my dear friends for the inspiration. I am letting the Joy back in to my life. Maybe one day i’ll be the one with the inspiring story to tell.

Do you have any stories of Joy you would like to share? I can’t be the only one…….

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