Reasons why death terrifies me………. Try and change my mind!

So everyone has one thing in life that they are terrified of. For me, that fear is death.

When I say the word death it doesn’t just mean, death. To me it means much more. It means that someone in my life has not only passed away but it brings up all kinds of questions that I can never answer. That’s when the hamster wheel starts turning.

I’ll never see them again, ill never hear their voice again, what if I forget them? What if it was me? What happens when you die? Do you just die? Are these people I love just dead? Like no longer there forever? Do you just rot? Where do you go? Heaven? Is there a heaven? Am I next? Would I rather know I’m going to die or not know? Did they know they were going to die? Do you just accept it? Will I ever see my kids again? Can I still see them when I’m dead? Can they see me? How will it end for me? Will I know? Am I ready? Should I research? What do I believe? Is there a God? How do we know? If there is a God then why does he let people die? “

As you can imagine all these thoughts tend to send me into a whirlwind. I have a panic attack almost every time someone dies or the conversation of death comes up. It takes me days to recover. I don’t often share this with anyone but since death has touched our family so much these last few years I am really going to try and work on this fear moving forward. I am going to do some research, going to make sure I have an after death plan, god forbid, I died tomorrow. Maybe these steps with help me face this fear. Can anyone else relate to this? Am I the only one who struggles with this issue? Let me know in the comments. Who knows, maybe some good advice will help me move forward too. Or help someone else as well.

Do you fear death??

10 thoughts on “Reasons why death terrifies me………. Try and change my mind!”

  1. I understand your fears but I don’t like to overthink things too much . If I do then I just worried etc.
    I won’t know the difference anyways when it happens . That’s just me . I’ve hardcore a lot of tears in my life so a few when I die …….. !!


  2. You’re definitely not the only person I’ve heard expressing that kind of fear.

    One of the nice things about being a pretty ardent atheist, and quite a science-minded one at that, is that I’m pretty confident that death means that there’s no more me, end of story.

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    1. That’s what fuels my fear. Because I am pretty sure that’s it. No more me. So looks like I am going to have to try and accept that lol

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  3. To be honest, I don’t. What I can see here is that my belief in God helps me a lot here. I am not trying to preach at all, don’t get me wrong. But I definitely feel a big sense of relief that death is not an end and it is just a change of worlds. So, I will meet those people later. Kind of like changing cities.

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    1. That’s exactly what I want to believe. The problem is I just need to know how to get there in my head. Its a work in progress for sure.

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      1. It is. I grew up with that mentality, so it is ingrained in me. I also have Sufi tendencies (I am a Muslim and Sufism is the spiritual side of Islam). If you are interested, you can go and read Rumi’s poems on death. He calls his day of death as the day of union (with God). That is how I tend to see it. Maybe they can show a way for you in how you can think about it. Again, I am not trying to preach at all but just sharing something that had an effect on me.

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  4. Ah, wow, what a juicy topic this is! And first off, I just have to say that that photo of the crazy-eyed dog made me burst out laughing. But on a serious note…yeah, mortality is a really interesting thing to grapple with. I am all too familiar with the anxiety and fear around not knowing what’s coming next and having so many questions that can’t be answered. I’ve spent many years trying to come to terms with death and the best I can say is that I feel a little less afraid than I once did, but I can’t say that the fear is gone.

    I think what we have to do is learn to sit in that fear and tolerate the uncertainty of not knowing, as hard as that is. And the way I think of it, too, is that we are returning to wherever we came from before we were born — we’ve been in that “non-existent” space before, and we’ll go back to it again. Somehow I find that comforting.

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