Coming out of my shell….finally!😉

107652436_1127765650931426_7072962424649378501_nSo to anyone that actually knows me, you know that I am not really a person who can do things on their own without help all the time, For example, going grocery shopping alone is my worst nightmare🤣. I usually drag Steve or Hope with me so I don’t have to face people alone but lately because of all the work I have been doing with my medication and life changes I am feeling more like I can do things on my own. I am doing things these days I would never have imagined I would be doing. To some people these things will be small things but to me they are leaps and bounds to my success lately. My confidence level has been growing insanely fast!

I have learned along my journey that its always great to have someone encouraging you and telling you that you can do things when you say you can’t. For example, we have been out at our trailer in Port Bruce and we met some fantastic people but one person in particular has given me so much confidence lately. She will remain unidentified as a courtesy to her but for this blog’s purpose ill refer to her as “Amy”. Amy is very similar to me. We are both funny, bright, beautiful women but for some reason Amy has way more courage. For my benefit shes a great teacher. She has taught me that I can be whoever I want to be! I can wear shorts and a tank top and not care what other people think of me. This time last year was super hard for me in that sense. I was body shaming myself and having panic attacks in the change room of the bathing suit store 😂 Amy’s husband also taught me how to cut wood with an ax! Amy asked me one day if I could cut wood and I said no so naturally it was time for me to get up and learn! Which I did! And if anyone needs video proof its available!😂 We have this dock for our boat and its basically a death trap. A year ago I would have said ” hell no, not my thang….” but guess what? Amy told me I could walk down that dock with no help, no problem. Therefore I walked down it like I was the newest plus size model on the lake Erie scene! 🤣 I showed Amy one day this hair style I liked on pinterest, of course, and I said “I wish I had the courage to cut my hair short, everyone always says I look bigger with shorter hair” but guess what, Amy said” who cares what anyone else thinks, you want short hair, you cut it! It’s just hair!” So I am now rocking an awesome short beach wavy hairdo and I am in love with it!

My point with this is that sometimes meeting new people helps bring out the best in you. I love my friends and family and get tons of support from all of them but sometimes it takes that one person or that one intention to bring out things in you that you never thought you were capable of. I am very thankful for meeting “Amy”. I am on this journey and having her here with me has really helped encourage a whole new me! I am going to continue with this feeling. There are some great things coming from all this learning of who I truly am and who I want to be.

My shell is a tough shell but I am breaking through more and more each day.

Wouldn’t it be great if someday I was someones “Amy”!!!!

My new do … keeping it classy folks

15 thoughts on “Coming out of my shell….finally!😉”

  1. Trying new things and learning new skills is also something I’ve been thinking about. Some of those “small things” that we rely on other people for can be so empowering to finally learn for ourselves! I learned how to set up a tent trailer by myself. This was a big deal to me. Next: maybe barbecuing! 😂

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  2. And you will be someone’s Amy 🙂 It’s great that you are making progress and as much as you have someone helping you along, all the work is being done within you – so give yourself a pat on the back ❤

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  3. I mean who cares what people think, do you! Easier said than done. So, congratulations for finally having the courage to rise above other’s opinions. I wonder why we value what people think or say over what we feel. I think it’s awesome to live for yourself atleast once in a while, and am so happy for you now that “Amy” has helped you break down your some of your insecurities. I got alot of Amys in my life, wish i could be one for someone else

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  4. First off; you’re beautiful! I think we as women are far more tough on ourselves than anyone else! Growing up, I was always the shy, quiet kid….so I understand where you’re coming from. I didn’t really “come outta my shell” until I got my first job at 16! I always thought that was extremely weird because I was SO shy, but I couldn’t wait to turn 16 and work! 🙃Fast forward 13 years and I’m pretty much an open book….but I still do struggle with self-confidence. My weight has always been my struggle because it’s been up and down, but as we all know; having babies changes and “shifts” things! 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
    I’m so glad you found “Amy” and I’m sure you will be that for someone! Keep “peeling back” that “shell” and LOVE LIFE❤️

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  5. Thank you so much! I am finally in a place now where I can honestly say I do think I am beautiful and I do think I am going in the right direction. It’s people like you and “Amy” that help guide me in the right direction. I wish you the best as well. I really enjoy your blog. Love your style. Keep up all that great work and confidence! Xx


  6. Well done to you for all the changes you’ve made and it’s brilliant that you’ve met a wonderful lady called Amy. She sounds so supportive and full of life, I’m glad she’s there encouraging and supporting you. Lots of women don’t do that?

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