Depression and Anxiety…. I’m finally accepting it. It’s real………

I have always grown up believing that depression or anxiety were made up things for people to get out of living in the real world or taking responsibility for things or actions. It was always a very taboo subject in our family. No one really discussed heath or medical issues. I mean my dad will avoid going to see a doctor at all costs. Its like no one wants to accept that they may be in poor health so it gets swept under the rug.

Depression and anxiety did end up hitting our family, hard! Our daughter was going through some issues and when we finally got to the bottom of it she was diagnosed with server depression and anxiety. She was cutting herself! I mean really? Could this actually be happening? Does depression or anxiety really work like that? It comes out of nowhere? With no warning signs? How can I believe this? I’ts actually a real thing after all?

The answer is YES! All of the above. I never imagined how bad it could actually be. My daughter went through things I’ve only heard about in the movies. It was almost unreal. She was cutting herself to “feel” again. I raised her! How did I not notice this? Was I a bad mother? As I said before my family never faced anything outwardly like this so how was I going to explain this to them? I had a hard time understanding so I knew they would definitely not understand nor would they know how to help.

We spoke with our doctor and decided to go the medication route to see if it would help. She had turned into such an introvert is was not our daughter. She stayed home, cried all the time, was angry and emotional all the time. It seemed like I had lost her so I had to do something fast! I had my reservations about the medication but we went ahead with it. Turns out she had to go through some rough times with trying out meds until she found the ones that actually worked. It was awful, she would get massive headaches and cramps. It was hard to watch her go through it. During this time we went through some rough times. I was forced to take a look at my own personal mental health issues. I did so much research for our daughter that I started to identify my own issues that of course because of how I was raised I never really looked at. I had many issues and of course I started to question why I had never thought of talking to someone about them.

Can anxiety and depression be hereditary? Did this happen to our daughter because of me? Her biological father also has these issues. Is this something that runs in the family? I started going dark places thinking this was all my fault. Because I never looked at my own issues I have now made this impossible situation for my own daughter. How could this have happened?

The truth is, its too hard to look back and figure out where it all went wrong. The best thing for both myself, and my daughter, is to try and move forward in a positive way. We are now both on medication. We are talking to each other more. We are telling each other when we need a minute or when we need personal time to calm our thoughts. We are learning new coping skills from one another as well. I’ts amazing how alike we actually are. I’ts brought us closer together which is helping me with all the guilt I carry about how it all ended up this way. We are moving forward. Its going to be a long journey but as long as we are on it together we will make it through.

If I didn’t believe in depression or anxiety before in life, I truly do now. I want to be more aware. I want to share our experiences with you and hopefully help just one other person along their journey because we all need to start being there for one another. We are all going through things and all it takes is someone to show you who you truly are and that you are worth fighting for. Life is always a work in progress……………

What makes you believe?108051441_3033542053367268_2882945070903778741_n



14 thoughts on “Depression and Anxiety…. I’m finally accepting it. It’s real………”

  1. Something my doctor said has stuck with me till now. Depression is a physical condition that is diagnosed through emotional symptoms. Your daughter has a chemical imbalance and while it could potentially be hereditary, there isn’t anything you could have done to prevent it. Take it in strides, you’re doing great by treating it now.

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    1. Thank you so much! I love that…a physical condition that is diagnosed through emotional symptoms 💜 thank you for sharing that with me.

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  2. Facing depression and anxiety alone is hell. I am so glad that you and your daughter both have been able to receive the medication and care you need. I was much like your daughter in my teen years. Angry all the time. Crying. Lashing out. I was 30 before being diagnosed. I was in my 40’s before discovering the perfect antidepressant and I have been stable now for almost three years. It has been a lot of up and down. It took counselling and a hard look at what was the cause and how could I resolve said issues. In doing so I opened my life up and enriched myself and those around me. Hugs and keep moving forward. 🙂 Also reading this made me cry as I thought about my own hard won peace.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am very lucky to be able to go through this with my daughter. She has given me so much strength she makes me so proud everyday. I’m so glad you were able to go on your journey as well. Your words touched my heart❤


  3. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through all of this. I’ve battled depression for years and I’m terrified my daughter will have it, too. I know she has anxiety, which is also really hard. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers!

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  4. It must be so hard dealing with all this and I didn’t know about your daughter . You’ll have each other comfort and battle this together. You’re strong and you know I’m there for you always .

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  5. Thank you for sharing this. I’m so sorry you’ve been going through this. It made me think about my mother. I too suffer from sever depression and unfortunately self harmed too many times. At the end of the day I always thought about the hurt I would cause my mother if I ever left her. My mom stuck by me each step of the way. I love her so much. Thank you again for posting this and I truly hope everything gets better. ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. When you said your mom stuck by you it made me feel like my daughter might feel the same about me one day. ❤

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