Its been too long…..

I have no idea where to start….

I started a blog a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with how it made me feel. I was a stay at home mom , had lots of time to do my daily tasks as a mother and fill the rest of my time with the things that made me happy.  Then….life happened. Our family wanted more things out of life and really the only way to accomplish that was to go back to work and start saving for the next chapter of our lives.

So that’s just what I did. I went back to work full time. I worked early hours and took on more work than I had expected. It was an adjustment at first but if i’m being honest I really enjoyed the new challenges. I was doing well with the work. It made me feel like I had more of a purpose again. People started to depend on me, people other than my family. It made me feel like I was working towards something, something I didn’t know I even needed. Then I started seeing the changes. I wasn’t taking time for myself. Slowly I started to realize that this was the reason I needed a break before, because I forgot who I was. When other people depend on you then it becomes less about you and more about how you can make others happy or make others feel good about themselves.

The balance in life is trying to figure out how to make it all work for you. And that’s what I have so much trouble with…..How do I keep my job, keep my family happy, healthy and safe, keep doing the things that make me happy, be there for those who need me and keep a smile on my face and my sanity all at the same time?

The answer is there is no answer….. I have realized that I don’t have all the answers. I need help. I need to take a step back and find out ways to make this all work for me. I got advice from a lot of people in my life, that to my surprise, are dealing with the same things as me. Who would have thought, i’m not the only one!!!

Now its time for me to get back into what makes me happy. I love sharing our family stories with everyone. I have such a great family and a great life that it would be a shame not to share my happiness with everyone. These stories, they are what heals my heart. They make me able to get through my darkest times. The times when I want to give up, the times I want to scream, and the times I want to relive or forget. The feedback I was getting when I started my blog was incredible. I couldn’t believe my words touched so many people. That’s the way I want people to depend on me. I want my words to matter. I have so much to say. This is how I want to heal my soul.

I want to continue this journey with all of you. I will be changing my blog name so stay tuned for that but also stay tuned for the great stories, idea’s and feeling’s i’m going to share with you. They are going to be just as great as before but better!

Thank you to all who believe in me, I will get through this with everyone and hopefully help someone else during my journey.


Love you all,

Jenn xoxo




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