Kids who do chores vs. Kids that don’t…..

It’s funny how as you get older you realize how different things are. Especially when you have kids. I myself am an 80’s baby and as such I was raised COMPLETELY different. Kids nowadays are served everything with a silver spoon.  Any kid born between the 90’s and now are failing at life completely. I mean don’t get me wrong maybe not all of them. I’m sure there were parents who stood with their beliefs and family values and passed that on to their children, as I have tried to do, but we all have to admit that those who were NOT raised that way are being brought up to wreck havoc on this world. 

 When I was growing up my parents made sure I did chores everyday! I started doing chores around the age of 6. I started with the basics. Pick up my toys when I was done with them, make my bed, put my laundry in the basket….stuff like that. I was always taught not to consider the chores I was doing as punishment or for rewards. Quite the opposite. I was taught that doing chores was part of growing up. I was learning how to take care of myself. And every time a new chore was added, of course like any kid I hated it but I grew up in an age where it didn’t matter if I didn’t like it….it was happening and I accepted it😂 chores became a staple of independence in my life….the more I learned the more I would be able to take care of myself when I left home. And that’s exactly what I did. I make my bed every morning and I definitely know how to clean and take care of myself and my family😊 doing chores for me was a life lesson….a lesson that seems to be missing from this new generation. Nowadays kids are not raised to take care of themselves. Their parents do EVERYTHING for them!! When they are asked to do chores it’s like the worst thing you could ever expect from them. 

When you are raised not doing anything for yourself how are you suppose to function in this world? The purpose of a parent giving their children chores to do is to teach them. That’s what we are supposed to do as parents. Kids are like sponges. They soak everything up. And when taught properly they become very functioning adults that add to our society. My children, for example, have daily chores that must be finished before they can do their kid things like playing with friends or after school activities. It’s not a long list and they are not my slave drivers by any means but they are responsible for making their beds, cleaning up after themselves, and basic things like bringing laundry down, doing dishes, outside work, garbage, litter box’s, cleaning toilets, vacuuming, dusting…..etc. I do not pay them for doing these chores either. My parents used to give me money only if I went above and beyond and did other chores that helped them out. I have them doing these things because once they leave my house and have their own life they will be responsible for themselves and their own families some day. If I paid them or gave them extra things for doing chores they would never learn.  If I didn’t teach them what to do I can’t imagine how they would live??!! It’s not just about taking care of yourself either, it makes you a better person in every aspect. Being a kind person who has values. That’s what this generation should be like. Instead you have these kids working at Tim hortons or McDonald’s who are the rudiest people you will ever meet! Or they think they know EVERYTHING😂😂 
At the end of the day it is the parents decision on how to raise your own child but I am that parent that strongly believes in teaching. And I want my children to reach exactly what they are capable of. My Kids, that do chores, will hopefully add some much needed love, respect, kindness and structure to our society. What are your thought on this topic? Please feel free to share with me 😊😊

3 thoughts on “Kids who do chores vs. Kids that don’t…..”

  1. Yes of course chores are a must. They must learn to care for themselves. Some days it’s hard to tie my daughter down though…school and extra curricular activities steal a lot of time. But trust me, I checked out her bathroom this morning and she’s got some chores…lol.

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