My recycling nightmare…..

Any other mom’s out there with kids in school have gone through the days where your kids are taught everything about recycling at school and decide they want to “do what they can for the environment”  at home! Well as you guessed it this is where my nightmare began. For weeks I heard all about what is recyclable and what isn’t and how even just doing our little part at home we are saving the world!! I was described in detail how I need to rinse everything and break all the boxes down and wash off  all the labels….blah, blah, blah…

So I did what any mother would do. I listened ( to basically shut them up!) , and I bought a recycling bin and started “doing my part”. You can imagine with a family of 5 that we had a lot of recyclable stuff. Definitely more than one bin could hold and way more responsibility then I wanted to take on but worth seeing how happy it made them. And….don’t tell them…but I actually began to see a difference in how much garbage we produced. We went from 6 bags a week to 3 but at the same time the recycling TOOK OVER my kitchen!  So even though it was a rough start we managed to be able to do our part as much as we could. Then one day we put our recycling out to the curb. It was all neat and separated and I dare say the best looking recycling bin outside and I was confident the recycling men would be pleased with our efforts!

Imagine my surprise when the recycling truck came and went WITHOUT taking my bin! I was astonished!…no pissed is more like it! All that went through my head was ” do you people know what I went through to make sure my family recycled!!??”. All my confidence from earlier had gone out the window. I sent the kids out to pick up the bin cause I couldn’t even look at it. When they brought it in the house it had a sticker on it! The sticker said “please sort”. I was beside myself. How much more could I have done with only having one bin??

After I screamed and yelled and calmed down I looked up the recycling website to see what the actual rules are. It says that I was doing everything right. Literally no reason they shouldn’t have taken it. Being the smart ass that I am I thought ” well if you want it to be all sorted them maybe you should provide me with as many bins as I need to have it separated the way you like!” I’ll need one for glass, one for paper, one for plastic, one for cans and one for boxes! That’s 5!. As much as it would take up way to much room in my kitchen I’m all about making people HAPPY!  After thinking about it I was going to email them and request my free bins and just as I’m looking up the email address I see (in the fine print of course) that your only allowed 2 bins for each household! Well you can imagine how upset THAT made me! How dare you not take my recycling and put a sticker on my bin that says tax payers pay over $250,000 a year for people to sort it for you! All of us mother’s who are listening to our children who want to save the world WE destroyed take the time to sort it and look what happens! You don’t take the recycling!  And then complain that WE pay for people to sort it! All I have are solutions… provide me with the 5 bins for free and eliminate your $250,000 a year 🙂 Its pretty simple. Office-Recycling

Needless to say I have yet to receive a response to my email but I’m not surprised. I may have sounded like a crazy person but dammit I have a good point….lol. For the time being it was actually the girls who came up with a solution of using recycling bags to sort everything properly so we don’t get stuck with last weeks recycling again.  It’s worked so far but has added to the ongoing hate I have for recycling. Thus continues my nightmare but hey….as long as the kids are happy !! 🙂 🙂


P.s If it ever happens again one of 2 things will happen, 1. I will throw my recycling bin at your truck or 2. I will stop recycling all together and you will be held responsible for killing the dreams of my innocent loving children!… balls in your court 🙂cta_recycle


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