What happens when there is a 6 year gap between your kids…….

Having 2 children is hard enough. Having 2 girls is harder. Having 2 girls that are 6 years apart is literally the hardest!! My oldest is 15 and youngest 8. They fight like cats and dogs. The oldest hates having more chores, hates playing games with her sister, hates snuggling her sister, hates being in the same room as her sister, hates breathing the same air as her sister… blah, blah, blah, blah. The youngest hates that her older sister wont read to her, hates that her older sister has more sleep overs, hates that her older sister goes out with her friends, hates that her older sister wont bath with her.. again… blah, blah, blah, blah. So you see in this situation nothing they ever do together is pleasant. 90% of the time I end up separating them.  This is not how things played out in my head when I imagined them growing up lol. Not at all. In my head it was all ” I love my sister and we are best friends” but in reality each time they are in the same room I feel like running as fast as I can lol.  Being a stay at home mom gives me a birds eye view of all things sisters. Watching them sometimes I say to myself ” maybe I made a mistake… maybe they are too far apart. Will they ever really love each other?” I find myself sometimes yelling at them more than enjoying how great they are. Come on other mom’s out there… you know you have been through feelings and thoughts similar to mine before. Sometimes you think ” this is it… how long till they move out and I finally get some peace and quiet!!” But as much as they fight and argue and disagree, and as much as I think they hate each other, there are those rare moments.  Those moments that happen with my birds eye view that I cherish. They don’t happen often but sometimes I will walk past one of their rooms and hear them reading. And there’s the off time I catch them snuggling on the couch, or the best is when I hear them say ” I love you”. Those moments melt my heart. They make me realize that as much as I may think they don’t love each other, they are sisters. Sisters will always love each other. Love comes in all forms. And even though I get to see how many different forms that could be in one day I know that at the end of the day its more me then them.  I find as the years go by my need for perfection blinds me to what is actually happening.  Even though my girls are 6 years apart and even though they fight like cats and dogs at the end of the day this is what true sister love looks like.


1 thought on “What happens when there is a 6 year gap between your kids…….”

  1. Great blog Jenn! Looking forward in reading the next one .
    I don’t know if it’s an age difference but my sister and I are 3 years apart and we didn’t get close until our mom passed away (6 years ago ) . Now we FaceTime all the time and I go and visit her in Montreal . Don’t know why this took so long but so happy we are in a good place with each other.
    They will grow closer as they both get older .
    Didn’t look to me that they didn’t get along . In their hearts they love each other .
    You’ve done a great job bringing them up yourself . Tap yourself on your shoulder .👍🏼💕

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